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Oded Stein Engineering עודד שטיין הנדסה

Stein Engineering specializes in industrial automation, focusing on transition from labor intensive production processes to advanced technology based, automated processes.

The approach of Stein Engineering is driven by the emerging global need for cost reduction and supply chain efficiency. This approach stands as an alternative to the more conservative approach of using low cost labor in emerging countries and economies. While low cost labor production is often far from the market, suffers from lack of close control by the mother company and involves expensive freight and a long supply chain, automation is a cost-effective alternative that overcomes these difficulties. In addition, it provides the immunity from labor cost constant increase.

Stein Engineering gained its expertise from more than 20 years of experience of its founder in process and production development in the medical device industry. Working in the complex quality and regulatory requirements of the medical industry is leveraged to achieve the highest quality for every industry and customer.

Stein Engineering offers automation solutions that will cover a vast range of the organization's requirements, such as cost reduction, flexible production rates, process and quality data collection, online inspection for quality control and more.

The comprehensive service that Stein Engineering offers may cover all project aspects from requirement definition, through line design and up to line qualification and validation.  

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